In Memorium:
Robert Zeien 1964-2018

Robert Zeien passed away January 30, 2018 after a year-long battle with cancer. Our guitarist and lead vocalist, he played with us for 16 years and over 285 gigs.

Robert was a dedicated father, husband and band-member. Always kind, gentle, soft-spoken and humble, and always up for picking "one more." His energy, good humor and love of music will be missed.

2001-12-31 Menlo Park

2002-03-09 Brookdale Bluegrass Festival

2003-05-10 Palo Alto Farmers' Market

2003-06-18 San Francisco

2005-07-08 GOF

2005-11-05 Palo Alto Farmers' Market

Peninsula School Spring Fair - 2006

2006-08-26 Palo Alto Farmers' Market

2012-09-15 Palo Alto Farmers' Market

2013-05-16 Peninsula School

2014-08-09 GOF

2014-10-26 Smokestack BBQ

2016-09-10 Santa Cruz Mtns

Brookdale Bluegrass Festival - Spring 2017

2017-11-17 Menlo Park

2017-12-15 Holiday Hootenanny

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